Blog 3 – Short Program Day at 2013 Coast

Good evening everyone,
Today was the day of my short program, I actually just arrived back to the hotel from competing, and I find myself in 5th place after the short, only 3 points out of 4th, and 4 points out of 3rd. The day started out with a practice around 1pm, and I chose to do this to get any nerves out before my 20 minute on ice warm up which is given to you a few hours before you skate. The 1pm session was pretty good and I felt good to just get out there and get my legs under me. On the 20 minute warm up, you get to skate on your competition ice. I had a strong warm up and was feeling good going into the short program! After the warm-up I stayed to watch the first two Senior Ladies and then headed back to my hotel to rest and regroup.

So…why 5th place? Well, I was feeling really good going into the short program tonight, and on my 6 minute warm-up hit every jump I attempted strong. When it came time to take to the ice I had no doubts and was ready to put it all out there. The music started and my first element was a 3lutz+3toe combo, unfortunately there was not 3toe because I fell on the lutz. Now, forgetting about that I had to be strong mentally and stay calm because now my 3loop had to become a combo so I didn’t lose more points. So that’s what I did, I did a beautiful 3loop+2toe. I achieved all level 4 spins (the highest you can get) and some plus twos here and there. Unfortunately in a group of clean skates, 1 fall can really hurt you. So I find myself right now being mad, but I am not going to let it get to me and take me down. I am going to turn this energy into good energy for skating tomorrow!

I am well trained and no what today. Anyway, you never give up, stay in the moment and fight! That’s exactly what I am going to do.

Pray for me and wish me luck tomorrow!


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