Hello from Paris!!

Today is our last full day in France so we wanted to get an early start to be able to spend as much time in Paris as we could. The bus was scheduled to leave Rouen at 7:30am, but due to some delays… skaters not waking up and then going back to the competition arena to retrieve a lost item, we didn’t hit the road until 8:30am. EVERYONE fell asleep on the bus and around 10:30am we pulled in to our Paris hotel.  Wow, what a nice hotel.  A lot nicer than our hotel in Rouen.  Walk outside the lobby and look to the right, and the Eiffel Tower is right there.  And I do mean, right there. We put our bags in our room and at 11:15am, we met downstairs to start our exploration of Paris.  And explore we did.  Ellen’s mom, Terri, prepared an agenda that would enable us to see as many attractions as we could in the short time that we had.  Not only did she lead the group all around the city, but she would tell us all about the attractions that we were looking at.  Whether that be the history of a particular cathedral, the artwork that was located in a museum or where the best place to eat was located.  She really knew her way around town and had a real passion for Paris and its history.  She was amazing.  Would you believe she even handed out maps of our walking route as well as handouts detailing the history of a couple of the cathedrals we visited?  She was amazing!!!  She was our own personal tour guide who knew more about the city than any tour guide we could have hired.  Thank you Terri.
So, what exactly did your skater see while in Paris?  Here is a list of things that we visited…
The Eiffel Tower- where we took LOTS of pictures, both day and night
Notre Dame
Saint Chappelle
Champs Elyssee
The Louve courtyard
Arc D’Triumph – walked up all 280 steps to the top.  What an amazing view.
Along with all the other monuments and attractions along the way.  Can’t think of anything we didn’t see. We even visited “locks “bridge where the team secured their own ICE’Ka lock to the bridge and where Kathi threw the key into the Seine River. I won’t bore you with pictures as I am sure your skater took dozens if not hundreds of photos. It was a very long day of walking, but we enjoyed every moment of it. In the evening we enjoyed a nice dinner where the girls got to order desert for the first time during our trip.
It is now 11:30pm and our day has concluded.  It is back to bed for a 6:30am bus to the airport.
What an amazing trip.  It seemed so short, but yet so long at the same time.
As I reflect on all the things that we did during our stay, we did sooo much.  It is always the goal of the ICE’Kateers to make lasting memories.  I am sure the girls will have fond memories of this trip for years to come.
Although the girls had a great experience, they are tired and are ready to come home.
I hope you enjoyed reading my e-mails as much as I have enjoyed writing them.  This will be the last e-mail I send from France.
Oh, and that long program link I promised you?  Here it is….  Enjoy.
May our skaters have a safe journey home.
Au Revoir

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