“Ginger Jackson” takes to the ice in Rock Springs WY!

By popular request, Sean skated to his Jackson routine this last weekend as a special guest star in the Sweetwater Figure Skating Show.  Sean also performed a new exhibition program to “This Years Love” by David Gray.  Additionally, he conducted a stroking/spins clinic with members of the Sweetwater FSC, to be followed by some one-on-one Jump sessions with some of the skaters locksmithspros.com.

If Sean looks a “bit” cold .. the wind up there was blowing at 50 MPH, with gusts up to 80!



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Glacier Falls Figure Skating Club has been in full active membership with United States Figure Skating Association since 1961 (incorporated in 1965). It was the first skating club formed in Orange County at the Glacier Falls Ice Arena near Disneyland at 211 W. Katella Avenue in Anaheim, CA. We are Currently operating out of the Anaheim Ice Arena (formerly Disney Ice) in Anaheim.