A message from Sectional Vice President Jessica Gaynor

Dear Audrey,

On behalf of USFS, we want to congratulate you on your success at hosting the U.S. Synchronized Championships. The facility was impressive, the ice conditions excellent and, as a result the skating was brilliant and the audience totally involved. Please convey to your club, the LOC and your volunteers, who worked very long and hard to make this event shine, that we are very grateful for all their time and effort. It is so satisfying when the hours expended result in a successful endeavor. And, congratulations on your selection to host Skate America. I am sure the international community will be as pleased with this site and its amenities as our national synchronized skaters, families and fans. If there is any way in which I can be of help going forward, pleased do not hesitate to ask. My best to all of you and thank you again for volunteering to host events that reflect so positively on our sport and its athletes.

My best, Jessica


About funclub1961

Glacier Falls Figure Skating Club has been in full active membership with United States Figure Skating Association since 1961 (incorporated in 1965). It was the first skating club formed in Orange County at the Glacier Falls Ice Arena near Disneyland at 211 W. Katella Avenue in Anaheim, CA. We are Currently operating out of the Anaheim Ice Arena (formerly Disney Ice) in Anaheim.