Week 1 of the Young Artists Showcase

Choreograph a Word

WATCH and VOTE for Sean


The program videos, for each week, go up on YouTube each Friday by 9PM Pacific.  The voting concludes each Sunday at 9 PM Pacific, as does the judging.  (The judging and voting concludes 48 hours after the posting cutoff).   After that, the choreographers will get their rating for that week’s program, which will be posted on the website.  The rating is a star system (1 star, 1 1/2 stars etc).  At the end of the five weeks, the two contestants with the most stars go to Lake Placid for the the final live event.



About funclub1961

Glacier Falls Figure Skating Club has been in full active membership with United States Figure Skating Association since 1961 (incorporated in 1965). It was the first skating club formed in Orange County at the Glacier Falls Ice Arena near Disneyland at 211 W. Katella Avenue in Anaheim, CA. We are Currently operating out of the Anaheim Ice Arena (formerly Disney Ice) in Anaheim.